Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Calaveras District 3 Supervisor Oliveira NOW wants peace

"I was an innocent babe!  It wasn't me
who spread smutt--it was lisa and alice!"
I'm a nice liberal guy Tee Hee!!!
   Now that he was defeated in the recent reelection effort, Calaveras District Supervisor Oliveira wants to become
peaceful and talk nice to each other.

   After the filthy dirty campaign that HE, Lisa Muetterites, Alice Montgomery, Pissedon and McManeater ran to falsely SMEAR Merita Callaway, we find that hilarious!!

   Of course, NOW he wants to become NICE!  The right wing racists will NEVER be nice. They can
only be THROWN out of office. Don't let him fool you, because we are WELL aware of what his people are like!!


Anonymous said...

AFter 4 years of him and his racists controlling HE's got to be kidding

Anonymous said...

Nice? FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

If Alice M. was his biggest supporter he was and is a BANSTER.