Sunday, December 9, 2018

Letter to the Editor: A Sunday morning plea

   Dear Editor: A Sunday morning plea:

    There's a lot of controversy over religion these days. Christianity is failing, I feel, because they try to force it down people's throats.

   They ever try to get laws changed to follow only their religion, and I object to this insanity, and I was raised Christian.

   I now believe, just like in politics, that I cannot continue to be a 'christian' as they are now called, whether evangelical or some other cult type group.

   Since this is Sunday, I figure its a good day to voice my opinion. Worship in whatever way you want and at whatever church or religion you want, but stop trying to force it on ME!

   Don't come to my door as a salesman or allow your pastor to push a certain political party! And stop being so judgmental. I'm not the only one you lost!

  B in Valley Springs

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