Friday, January 11, 2019

Dear Banning all guns??


   After hearing that Trump might actually get away with calling a national emergency
on our southern border to get his racist base a wall built, I wondered.

   Since this is well-known to be something to help his re-election and obviously not a true emergency, we should look forward to the next Democratic President.

   That person, using the Executive Powers of calling emergencies, should immediately declare all guns BANNED in the U.S.

   There is no worse or devastating emergency that the crazy way shooting occur everywhere, even among our school kids.

   And I'm in favor of a ban on guns, so we could call it even, right?  Thanks for listening.

   Ed in Ebbetts Pass


Anonymous said...

Uh....doesn't Ron own several guns? And I doubt he will give them up with the crazies next door. And I prefer to have one gun for the crazies that might want to break in. Ban assault rifles yes. But chances are next to nil that will happen.

Anonymous said...

My idea for an emergency is climate! Now that is a real crisis!

Anonymous said...

If we ban guns in spite of the 2 Amendment, then free speech and other constitutional rights will be lost as well-the problem in our society is not guns, it’s the lack of mental health care by our screwed up state and fed gov

Anonymous said...

I agree that guns are our worst crisis in america.