Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Merita Callaway Newsletter January 2019

   Merita Callaway has just issued her first official newsletter to her constituents since re-taking office as Calaveras
Supervisor of District 3 the first week of January 2019.

   In this issue she talks about having meetings with County departments, local agencies, homeowner's associations and residents.

   Fire safety, fuel reduction, fuel breaks and a communication system are critical concerns that many agencies are working on and Callaway knows this is a high priority for our area and the County.

   The first controversial issue the board took up was to authorize the repayment of owed fees to registered (legal) cannabis growers due to the ban.

   The board then agreed to have a study session on the potential of bringing commercial cultivation back.  Callaway supports this for 3 reasons:

   Registered legal growers must follow the highly regulated state rules.

   We must consider the impact on the local economy and to the growers who followed the rules and were permitted by the county and the State of California.

   We also need to think about the financial benefit to our County.

   Supervisor Callaway looks forward to talking with community events, retail stores, music venues, and coffee shops and restaurants.  She welcomes your feedback.

   Her email is mcallaway@co.calaveras.ca.us and phone is 209-286-9007.  You can see her newsletter on her website.

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Anonymous said...

Finally a supervisor who understands the needs of her constituants and her county. Great start to your term. Go away Mills we all know who you are now. Failure