Saturday, January 19, 2019

Op-Ed: The more trees they cut--We need to buy it back to save ourselves from the logging industry!!

   If you watched the special on the Florida disaster where the loggers were allowed to come
in a clear cut the Cypress and all the other trees and then develop them, you know what we are up against here in California.

  SPI and other logging interests, who make their money off of the natural forests, are stripping California's mountains dry; and we mean DRY!

  The more cutting that is done, the lower the snow will fall year after year and the faster climate change will affect water here in Calaveras and throughout California.
   In Florida they realized it too late and now they are trying to buy back the land that they need to make their climate and the water situation, right for humans and wildlife.

   When will California put a ballot measure on to put tax money, especially that of the richest among us, into a conservancy to BUY back the forests that were once sold off by our government to those special interest; those who nothing but to fill their pockets.

   And we cannot say that we need these trees cut for building. MOST of the trees now are shipped to CHINA and other places or ground up into plyboards; a total waste of our forests.

   Something needs to be done about this, NOW!

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