Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kinkie Stinkie Rinkie Dink, oh, the hatred, the racism, the TRUMP-cultist

   As always, Kinkie Stinkie Rinkie Dink, who is always trying for her 5 minutes of fame, came before the Calaveras Supervisors to complain what we felt was that "ONE
MEXICAN is WAY too many Mexicans" the Trump-Cult mantra!

   She insists that they are all coming to Calaveras County to kill Republicans and she demands that the Board end Sanctuary Cities in our county.

  She also intimated that Sheriff DiBasilio is one of THEM, too!  She seems to say that he will be glad to come and speak to the Board about the horrors of minorities in Calaveras County.

   How does Calaveras ever get rid of the evil cancer that is racism in this area????

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Anonymous said...

She has really poor hygiene and smells very bad when sitting next to her at meetings