Friday, January 25, 2019

Marriage Licenses in Calaveras County

   Between December 10, 2018 and January 9, 2019 the following were issues marriage licenses in Calaveras County:

   Diana Siguan Pimentel and
Yengeniy Nikolayevich Urdenko on December 10, 2018,

   Harry Eugene Goularte and Carolyn Ann Vierra on December 11, 2018,

   Ryan Donald Akerland and Dana Rae Lewis on December 12, 2018,

   Daniel John Skivington and Andrea Therese Young on December 12, 2018,

   Emiliano Christopher Saldivar and Alexis Victoria Sanchez on December 12, 2018,

    Kayla Rae Blankenheim-Brown and  Tyler Quinn Parker on December 14, 2018,

   Colin Michael Miller and Sara Rosann Miller on December 17, 2018,

   Christopher Austin Roe and Gina Ester Lewallen on December 17, 2018,

   Joseph Mitchell VanMeter and Callie Michelle Nibecker on December 18, 2018,

   Shawn Martin Glass and Jessica Marie Oneto on December 26, 2018,

   Russell Kirk Neves and Jennifer Marie McCann on December 26, 2018,

   Robin Lynn Wellmaker and John Allen Redinger, Jr on December 26, 2018,

   Jay Michael Miller and Ashley Lynn Mller on December 28, 2018,

   Matthew Joshua Harrington and Katie Diana Daniels on January 2, 2019,

   Amanda Elaine Archer and James Robert Clark on January 7, 2019,

    Taz Daniel Rempel and Tamissa-Kongkhunthod on January 8, 2019,

   Margaret Anne Culum and Michael Joseph Culum on January 9, 2019.

   Congratulations to all of you!



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