Friday, January 25, 2019

FBI pre-dawn arrest of Roger Stone

   Before dawn this morning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the FBI pounded on the door of Roger
Stone in a rich neighborhood and arrested him. One CNN reported was present and filmed the arrest.

   Stone had been bragging that after all this time it wasn't likely that he would be indicted. Neither he nor his attorney had any prior warning before the pounding on the door "FBI,! Open UP!" was shouted.

  Stone had been interviewed by Tim Russert in 1999, where he stated that he was Trump's political adviser and supporter. Trump was considering running as a Democrat at that time.

   The lengthy indictment alleges lying to investigators, tampering with witnesses and mentions what appears to be his ties with Wiki-leaks.

   So, who is next, up the food chain of Trumpland??? Don Jr."?

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