Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cannabis growers will receive reimbursements

   Legal Cannabis growers who were shut down by a ban caused by a vicious Republican hate
group will receive reimbursement for their fees after all.

   Calaveras Supervisors Mills, Tofanelli and the now defunct Clapp, bowed down to the religious right extremists and not only banned cannabis in Calaveras, but refused to reimburse the growers their fees, causing even more lawsuits.

   Now that we have more sensible elected Supervisors, it is likely that a more moderate view of California's legal cannabis laws may be re-enacted.

   Mr. "BigPot" McManus sat in the audience last week, looking like he might cry. How many of you believe that McManus is taking MONEY for his efforts to promote BOOZE and stop cannabis in our county???

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