Thursday, January 3, 2019

Letter to the Sierra Sentinel: Good riddance!

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    I  have been a faithful reader of the Sierra Sentinel for many years and so appreciate your
calling out those who have failed to live up to the honor bestowed in elected officials.

   The most recent defeat of the incumbent District 3 bunch is a case in point, as l have believed for years that the Muettertys were nothing more than power hungry wannabees, especiallly the one known as the 'weasel'.

   Their enrapture with that horrid racist guy named Preston and desire to secede from California tells it all.  Good riddance, losers!

  Done for now in Arnold



Arnold Resident said...

Thank you for this letter. I also live in Arnold and feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

What about ALice Mont?

Anonymous said...

Never could stand any of them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says that is the best thing about olivera losing, getting rid of the mutes