Saturday, January 12, 2019

OP-ED: 35 degrees, windows slide wide open, dogs barking like crazy? Sound familiar?

   Early this morning, my husband and I walked out our back door and immediately we heard
noise at the Strohmeyer house just above us.

   Someone quickly slid open both of the large sliding windows and suddenly 7 to 10 dogs were heard barking from inside.  It was 35 degrees outside.

   So, why would anyone be opening their windows wide in that cold?  Could it be someone trying to prove they ARE NOT one of the Crazy Neighbors everyone talks about these days?

   When we went back in, we saw they had now closed the windows and pulled the curtains, but someone was peeking through the slightly pulled back curtain (we see this regularly, unfortunately).

  When I pointed to show where they were, the curtain quickly closed!  There actions will definitely prove that the Strohmeyers are NOT a crazy neighbor, right?

   Ron and I have been laughing about it ever since!  He said "Maybe some people get hot in 35 degree weather, huh, and the dogs don't like it??"

   We did not document this with the Sheriff's Office, because they stayed inside their what 'we call a shack!'


Anonymous said...

You aren't surprised, are you? Preston nearby?????? KS and MP ooopsy doopsy!??????

Anonymous said...

I have a neighbor who has nothing to do but peek at us all the time, too! Sorry you have to suffer it too. Way too many nuts out there on the loose is what i say. We should put them all behind a cement wall with Trumpty.

Anonymous said...

Why not take your recent windfall from Angels Camp and buy there shack and then level it!

Anonymous said...

I hear that shack with a leanto is all they own. broke and lost

Anonymous said...

know her, wierd. don't know him. bad chp i hear