Thursday, January 3, 2019

Will Tofanelli and Mills try another corrupt takeover of Calaveras

   If you remember, last January Jack Garamendi was supposed to move into the position of Chair
of the Calaveras Supervisors.

  Instead, Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli subverted the process and their corruption got Tofanelli the Chair and extra $1000 a month he desperately needed.

   The entire year, his corruption as Board Chair was shown and the few Trump cultists and racists were coddled and given whatever they wanted.

   Will Mills and Tofanelli try it again? With Callaway and now Stopper elected, can they get away with that kind of corruption on a regular basis? Will Garamendi be put in as Chair as honor should dictate?

  Honor?? Honor you say? Both Mills and Tofanelli should be recalled!  We can only wait and watch! 

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