Sunday, March 10, 2019

Are you plagued by women? A persecuted fat white boy?

  Are you just like Trump in that you are always being falsely persecuted by women?  Do you tell people how they all lie, make up things to get you fired, lie about your criminal
acts and so you tell everyone how women are all crazy?

   Well, look in the mirror? Do you see your filthy, lying, deranged face; the one that is so mentally unstable that you repeatedly lose control, get caught, then complain that its all the WOMANS' fault?

  Perhaps you haven't yet received all the proper reward you have coming for your life of crime, hate and being a loser.  Perhaps you are nothing but a dirty filthy racist cop who got what you deserve, and not enough of it?

   More may be coming sooner than you think!!


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