Sunday, March 31, 2019

Do not allow Trump Cultists to influence you! WRITE!!

   We read a lot on line from those who are Trump cult members, trying hard to get those who are aware of the truth about this evil administration, to stop writing about it.

   We at the Sentinel hear it all the time "Just stop
writing about it!  He's just fine! Just live your life and forget his corruption!".

   Well, we are encouraging EVERYONE to do just the opposite. Keep paying attention to the horrid, corrupt things the Trumps are doing; then WRITE about it everywhere you can.

   Exposing them is the best way to try and make sure this type of evil never happens again.

   Ignoring them and being quiet will only encourage he, his family and others to destroy us all!!

   So WRITE!!! No amount of influence or threats from those racist Trump-cultists will EVER stop us!


Anonymous said...

totally agree

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of the "deep state"?

punky said...
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Anonymous said...

I write an! I talk. They can't force me to shut up for trump