Sunday, March 24, 2019

PG&E settles for $25 million to Calaveras for Butte Fire, but WHAT???

   The County of Calaveras filed a lawsuit against PG&E for them causing the Butte Fire,
but PG&E settled without much fight.

   The county got a settlement of $25 million.  $5 million disappeared to the lawyers and apparent court costs.

   So how much of the $20 million left do the VICTIMS of the fire get?  NOTHING?????  Do you see anything wrong here???


Anonymous said...

PG&E is shutting down it's Diablo power plant. What is Calaveras County going to do when PG&E says GOOD BYE to Calaveras County and California in general? Maybe AOC will save everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think AOC may be smart enough to outsmart Republicans, anyway