Thursday, March 21, 2019

Letter to Editor: Jesus and Socialism vs. Trumps Blasphemy and White Nationalism

   Dear Editor:

    Amazing how easily Trump worshipers get hoodwinked into believing what
Trump says. He even tells his followers " don't believe what you see and hear" with your own eyes and ears.

   Believe the lies of the devil himself, as he spews forth falsehoods and hate at lightning speed.

   Trump and his minions want to attack socialism, a lifestyle Jesus preached as a way to the truth and the life.

   As Christians, we know this to be a fact, but those who confess Christ and follow Trump are either not reading their Bible or they are truly not saved, or they have been completely deceived.

   Just because evil people like Hitler, Trump and Maduro abuse the word socialism, doesn't make the word evil.

   Nationalism isn't an evil word until you put the word WHITE in front of it. Trump loves WHITE Nationalism, while pretending to care about Jewish people.

   But the Bible tells us of a man who will deceive, even the elite of God's Church, in the end times.

   Just like Satan has tried, since the day of Christ's resurrection, to steal, destroy and ruin the reputation of Christians, he now uses the word Socialism to degrade Christ and what he taught.

   Trump thinks it's okay to berate and put down what Christ taught. He also has NO respect for our flag. Our flag is to fly free and unencumbered and touched only with white gloves, solemnly and with respect, as needed.

   It is not to be molested by the President like one of his cheap affairs with Porn Stars or Playboy Bunnies.

   Then there is the signing and degradation of the most holy book, the Bible. Trump scribbled his illegible and black signature across the front like he was God himself and the LOST Christians of America cheered him on.

    Made me sick to watch and I'm sure God's wrath was inflamed again against Christians, who were deceived by the promise of stopping abortions, by compromising all of God's principles to achieve that goal.

  No biggie; they had to sell their souls that is not their business, especially while they have PEDOPHILE PRIESTS, adulterous preachers, and sinning the greatest sin, supporting the Devil Trump.

   I remember when the church loved another devil, his name was Jim Jones. That is why consuming scripture and the Bible are essential to knowing who Christ is and how he can make all things new, if we just follow him.

  It is sad that Trump's fake Christians don't truly know the Father of all Creation and his Son Jesus. Sadly, they have never had the "peace that passes all understanding" or been truly touched by the Holy Spirit.

   They will not go to heaven, as Jesus says "I am the way and the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father except by me!"

   Why Jesus and not Muhammed or other 'men of God'?  Because no one else raised the dead and healed the sick; sacrificed his life in the most  brutal death and withstood horrendous torture, out of love for his creation. This was a pure act of unconditional love.  He was resurrected and thousands saw him.

    Since then, the Church has struggled to emulate Christ. Driven often by the Devil to destroy the Church, even now God is testing the Church with Trump, who wants to ignore Trump's devilish character because he promises to stop abortion.

   The Devil tried to get Jesus to sell out his principles for "good things" like money and power. Jesus rejected him.

   Trump says to his supporters "turn your back on Jesus and his principles and worship ME and I will give you all riches and gold and stop abortion.

   Most of the Church was easily deceived, and according to the Bible, Jesus has turned his back on them because they support the "man of lawlessness, Trump".

  My challenge to Trump worshipers is to read the New Testament from John to Revelation. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. The good news is God doesn't legislate salvation. It is our choice whether to be saved or lost, who we marry, whether we steal or murder, commit adultery or even abort a child.

   It is our choice to commit good or evil. What consequences we suffer is our punishment or reward. God never forces his children to be saved.

   He offers unconditional love and peace and Jesus is always there to pick up the pieces and put our lives back together again. All we need to do is humble ourselves, know God's Word and ask for forgiveness, because all have sinned and need forgiveness.

   Pat Johnston


Anonymous said...

Wow! Where do you get this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Talk about hitting in right on the button

Anonymous said...

Jesus WAS a socialist, take care of the poor, feed the hungry. Where did those trumpers learn about their religion, anyway>