Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Domestic terrorists loved by Sheriff DiBasilio? Crooked, corrupt!!!

   The newest Sheriff DiBasilio, refuses to arrest the REAL domestic terrorists in Calaveras County.

   Those racist gun thugs, dirty cops, and filthy and mentally unstable cowards who threaten the former HONORABLE President Obama, women, threaten
to burn down their homes, shoot up their homes, cut down ALL their trees, etc., if they don't move away.

   Due to the fact the these local domestic terrorists are Dibasilio's favorite supporters, they are allowed to run free.

   They are also the Trump supporters he says will get violent if he doesn't win the 2020 election. Are you SCARED of Trump and these nut cases?  We cannot allow ourselves to be cowered by imbeciles!!

   Five, including one woman, have been reported to Secret Service and the FBI, Homeland Security is likely to watch them for the rest of their evil lives, but they should be locked away from the good, hardworking and peaceful people they threaten.

    It is so sad that Calaveras County gets stuck with these crooked, corrupt Sheriffs!  What can we do to protect ourselves from them, as well as the racist scum terrorists?

   This is a man who will chase a marijuana grower all over, but who welcomes these terrorists into his fold.  It's a sad day for Calaveras.

   The Sierra Sentinel refuses to cower to them!  We will continue to expose all of them and never give up having them locked away to protect society!

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