Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Calaveras County AGAIN reorganizing OES? Waste of TIME!!

   A Study Session was held at the Calaveras Supervisor meeting on March 19, 2019 to discuss reorganizing the Office of Emergency
Services, even suggesting new names.

   Problem is, they did,  this after the Old Gulch Fire, saying next time they would be prepared, and then again after the fire in the canyon, with NO SUCCESS!!

   Their calm talk about referring animal needs to the ONE Employee at the county, and another need for evacuation to yet another group, and that there would be plenty of people  to sign up as volunteers each day, is insane!!

   There is NO CALM during a FIRE!!  Not one of those people would be able to handle the stress of people begging for help, for saving their animals next time, any more than they were in the Butte Fire.

   In fact, not long after Cliff Edson, Supervisor Chair couldn't handle it and dumped it on Kuntz, he dropped dead of a heart attack.

   Don't be fools!  The people in that group are just trying to get easy money from the government and will not be successful, any more than the last bunch.

   The secret is to FORCE the CALFIRE management to do their jobs quickly and overwhelmingly, sending AIR resources immediately and abundantly to STOP the fire within one day.


Anonymous said...

Might be a good way to get rid of that putz debasilo, give it to him

Anonymous said...

He will run and hide