Sunday, March 31, 2019

Arrest for Intent to Evade Taxes

   On Monday April 30, 2018 around 10:26 AM Calaveras Sheriff deputies arrested Christopher Lance Rinauro, owner of Proper Pruning of Murphys for allegedly Acting with Intent
to Evade Taxes, Failing to Collect or Account for or Pay Taxes.

   This arrest was posted on the on May 3, 2018.

   Mr. Rinauro called us recently to ask if he could do work on our land. When we asked about this arrest, his wife said it was all phony and she said it was because of the big tree company in Vallecito. HUH???

   We refused to allow Rinauro on our land, but he continued to call, one time calling my husband's business, saying "I am up above you and want to come on your land to do work now. Is it all right now?"

   My response was an emphatic "NO!" and began to say that I worried about illegal insurance fraud or other  violations...when he slammed the phone down, hanging up!

   I then called the tree company in Vallecito and asked about the allegations that Rinauro's wife made; they told me they don't even know what she could be talking about. They didn't even know Rinauro had been arrested, nor do they know him or his wife at all.

   So now I believe there should be a full investigation of the entire series of incidents, the work done, the insurance company who had also harassed us to let Rinauro do the work and the Strohmeyers, who were responsible for the damage in the first place, continuing to call and push the work while there was much snow on the ground.

  Farmers insurance (in the 616 area code) had also called, along with Karen Strohmeyer to RUSH the insurance payment and remove the tree, which crashed on our property causing damage to power lines, many trees, etc.

   We have no idea what the outcome of the felony charges Calaveras County District Attorney Yook filed against Rinauro, but we are attempting to find the truth.



Anonymous said...

What could his wife have been thinking?

Anonymous said...

Is this guy part of that bad bunch in EP?