Sunday, March 3, 2019

OP-ED: Sacramento DA just like Calaveras DA

   Corruption is carried on in many law enforcement agencies in this country.  Yesterday, the DA (who is terrified of the Sheriff's Office) AGAIN failed to charge
the officers who fired 20 shots into most the back of a fleeing black man.

   This Sacramento DA has  NEVER brought charges against ANY cop under her.

    As we well know, Yook, the Calaveras DA is even more corrupt, protecting the violent racists from any possible investigations or prosecution, citing conflicts of interest (her husband works for the Sheriff's Office)

   You will NEVER see Yook charge an officer with any crime, and she even protects the known dirty ones that live here in Calaveras.  We have the documentation showing her failure to protect victims, especially women who are threatened by domestic terrorists living in Calaveras.

   She even protects racists who threatened President Obama.  BAD NEWS!! 

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