Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sheriff DiBasilio LIES!!!

DiBasilio hides from the REAL
criminals, the racist DIRTY COPS
   Recently Sheriff DiBasilio, WHITE SUPREMACIST and DIRTY COP LOVER and protector,
made some statements that we know personally were not true.

   He said that 'He pledges to implement the values of integrity, accountability and HONESTY. HE also promises HARD WORK and TRUST in the community.

   We are aware that he KILLS any reports of his WHITE SUPREMACIST buddies making threats, damaging others properties, etc.  He also throws out complaints about his bad officers!

   DiBasilio is apparently even more dishonest than was the dead sheriff and BIG DRINKER KUNTZ, who got the worst Supervisor we've ever had; Oliveira, to appoint him, saying he was just like Kuntz!!  Sad but true!!


Anonymous said...

I think he's worse than that. You should see.

Anonymous said...

I heard that his deputies are spreading stuff to real estate buyers NOT to buy because of pot grows. Is that true? In the Murphys Hotel bar???

Anonymous said...

Never saw a cop that didn't lie!