Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why should Democrats save the LOSER Post Offices?

   The US Postal Service has been losing money for as long as most can remember. Working faster with less employees
is the last thing these Postmasters will do, and being nice, even FAKE NICE,  is hard to come by.

  Now the Democrats are sending out notices that Trump is thinking of eliminating the Postal employees union and giving the Post Offices to a private company like UPS or FED EX.  That's the best idea Trump has ever had!!!!

  Since we are aware that there are more right wing  extremists (and mean ones) working at our local post offices than liberal friendly employees, why would WE donate to waste more money keeping them in a good job with full retirement benefits.

   We have been told that in Arnold the boss hires only other right wingers like herself and her extremist Trumper husband.  (why do we want to help support an alcoholic mental case who treats people like trash?)  TAKE THEIR GUNS AWAY, Sheriff!!!!!

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