Tuesday, August 13, 2019

OP-ED: The grandchildren are now safe!!! Are you still trying to run down wildlife??

   Dear Postal:

    After years of telling the world that you are terrified of Ebbetts Pass black bears and that
they might eat your grandchildren, we hear the children are now safe.

   Is it true that it wasn't the bears of which they were in danger, but a PTSD alcoholic who is allowed to carry a glock?

   A smart Mom, who realized the true danger to the  children, now has them out of reach of your wacked out right wing extremist actions, we;ve been told.

   How many consider you to be a domestic terrorist drunk, who doesn't even know where he lives?

   It is so sad that a corrupt Sheriff allows this type of person to have a carry permit. It is our opinion that we are all in danger because of his inability to be a good law enforcement official.

   Meanwhile, you better hide in your liquor cabinet, as the bears will not hibernate for months yet. And stay OFF our land; you need permanent psychiatric treatment before you could EVER be trusted to behave in a sane manner, in our opinion. 

   The bears and all other wild creatures are completely welcome to come on OUR land and eat apples, cherries, grapes, peaches, plums and whatever else they wish to eat.  Are you still trying to run them down with your vehicle?

   Keep watching FOX!  You have nothing else to do!


Anonymous said...

Is this the moron who writes drunken letters to the scrub tree? This is what you get for lying for your Branke friend?

Anonymous said...

Postal, huh? Figures, so many are bad, bad, bod!

Anonymous said...

Where is this guy? Do you kow there are at least 2 right wing wach jobs in arnold po?

Anonymous said...

Did you all know that right wingers are now running the arnold branch. and then they ask for money to keep them going from dems. crazy times we live in.

Anonymous said...

Is he still writing insane letters, i mean baker????