Sunday, August 18, 2019

Dear Editor: So much crime in Arnold! We need a new Sheriff!!

   Dear Editor: 

    Sometimes its shocking to hear about how much crime there is in the Arnold area.  Whether its vandalism, petty theft or right wing threats, Ebbetts Pass is
full of it.

   Our Calaveras Sheriff does not go after the right wingers at all, I've been told and I've read. They supported him.  The thieves are ignored. Petty theft is not a real crime, they say.

   Today I learned of a homeless encampment on someone's land, with feces all over and another theft of donation boxes at White Pines Park.  Nothing is done!!  We need a new Sheriff!!!

   Why would anyone want to move here the way it is now. I'm vented!  I'm done!

   Ed in Arnold


Anonymous said...

He’s only concerned with himself, deputies are again leaving, and his cowboy hat doesn’t attract potential deputies, it scares them off!

Anonymous said...

He considers the cowboy hat his crown

Anonymous said...

Dibasilio thinks that making some recruiting videos is going to get people to want to come there. Not going to happen! People are leaving constantly. One of the new ones said the other day that they were just staying long enough to get the academy done and then they are going to another agency. Nice job Sheriff. Keep spending our tax dollars to train people to work somewhere else!