Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Calaveras Sheriff SAYS he just wants to keep residents SAFE????? Or are you one of the White Supremacist criminals?

   Rick DiBasilio is speaking before the Calaveras Supervisors this morning, and started off by saying he's wanting more restrictions and to increase the cost to cannabis farmers,
because "I just want to keep Calaveras residents safe!"

   If DiBasilio wanted at ALL to keep us safe, he would have the list of extremist White Supremacist violent gun thugs IN JAIL.

    Instead, he encourages them to continue their CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!  WHY?  Because they campaign for him!

   If you cared AT ALL about US residents, you would stop wasting your time harassing legal farmers and ARREST the dirty cops, right wing criminals who harass, threaten and vandalize their neighbors.

    Investigating Michael Preston?  He threatened President Obama in a public place and was turned in to Secret Service and the FBI.  Has he been arrested? Of course not! 

   What about the Candyrock KKK terrorists?  Have you investigated their threats to burn people's houses down, shoot up their homes, because they disagree or write against their behavior.  Oh, no? Because they are your best buddies and campaign for you? 

   What about your buddy, the dirtiest cop in the county?     He's been turned in for all kinds of crimes. Have you arrested him?

   What is the matter with you?  It makes you appear to be one of the White Supremacist criminals, Sheriff? 


Anonymous said...

I'm watcing too. Is it true that our Yook DA and sheriff wrote FOUR more pages of laws against farmers? Are they nuts? Not CA laws, made up laws for right wing nkuts?

Anonymous said...

He has told his detectives to stop investigating hardcore drug dealers because they were friends one of his biggest supporters, and he directs the deputies as to which cannabis sites to raid so they don’t raid his friends- he’s corrupt.