Saturday, March 12, 2022

Cat tortured and killed in Copperopolis

    According to the Calaveras Sheriff's Office, on March 10, 2022, they became aware

of a video on the internet which depicted a cat being inhumanely killed.

   The video had been distributed to the owner of the cat who then contacted law enforcement. They had been searching for the animal for over a week, posting flyers throughout the community.

   No humans were shown in the video, but information was provided to suggest the Colton Fontes (19) of Copperopolis was responsible for the horrid crime.

   Deputies contacted Fontes who initially denied being responsible for the killing of the cat; however, during this contact, deputies noticed that a portion of Fontes's residence was identical in appearance to an area shown in the video.

   Fontes was not arrested on this dat due to further investigation being conducted by deputies, but on March 11, 2022, Fontes was arrested and subsequently admitted to killing the cat.

   The weapon used during the incident was also recovered. Apparently there was no legal justification for killing the cat.  Fontes was transported to the Calaveras County Jail where he was booked on charges of alleged felony 597 (A) P.C., Animal Cruelty.

   Fontes is being held with a bail of $65,000 bail. 

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