Friday, March 4, 2022

Proven FAILURE of leadership in District 3???

   We don't quite understand how Lisa Muetterties can call herself proven leadership for Calaveras County District 3, when SHE was one

of the main causes for the proven FAILURE of the Oliveira regime.

   The photos of herself online are NOT the Lisa Muetterties most of us know. She should be photographed with her BFF and fellow failure Mike Preston to be more accurate.

   The Oliveira regime's inability to handle basic problems, like the bridge fiasco and complete failure to be able to communicate with regular constituents led to his loss of re-election.

   Muetterties and Preston were major forces in causing Oliveira to start crying at his last meeting, after their overwhelming loss to Supervisor Callaway in 2018.


Anonymous said...

lol, lol, looks like the truth about LM will come out.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the Muettertees keep running for office because they can't make it in real estate. what do you?

Anonymous said...

I met Martin one time and really liked him. Hope he wins.