Saturday, March 12, 2022

Mr. BigPot loses again!!!

Come on and have a beer!
Who needs pot anyway???
    At the March 8, 2022 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, the infamous Mr. BigPot (Bill

McManus) was back howling about the marijuana issue.

    It was budget discussions and the Board was lowing the taxes to a more sensible level. Mr. BigPot was not happy.

  Neither were the other worthless Trumpers present:  Vickie Reinke, the Morris woman and Alice Montgomery.

   They ranted and raved about the EVIL criminality of pot and when they were finished the Board voted 4-1 to approve lowering the taxes.

   Gary Tofanelli of Valley Springs, was the one dissenting vote. He is so terrified of a group of church people recalling him, that he does whatever they tell him to do. 

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