Thursday, March 31, 2022

Martin Huberty replies to new questions from readers..

    Martin Huberty, candidate for District 3 Supervisor in Calaveras County, has been answering all of our questions within 24 hours of our sending them to him.

   Here are the recent answers he gave:

   Q:  What experience have you had with large budgets?

    A:  Currently, I manage the budget of the

Calaveras Visitors Bureau, Angels Camp Museum and the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce.  When I moved the Visitors Bureau office to the Angels Camp museum, I saved the city $200,000 a year and the Visitors Bureau $30,000.

   I have also managed multimillion dollar budgets for international business contracts and philanthropic endeavors, including Chances for Children, which raised millions of dollars to build and maintain hundreds of schools around the world.

   I have also helped manage budgets and successfully deliver films that cost in excess of $60 million.

  Q:  What leadership experience do you have?

   A:  Here in Calaveras County, I lead three organizations; the Visitors Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and the Angels Camp museum.   I currently have ten staff members.

   I also have leadership roles on the boards of the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance and Murphys Creek Theater.

   I have directed and produced Oscar nominated films, which entails leading a team of hundreds of workers where you must have a vision and carry that vision through till the project is complete.  It is essential that your team support you in this vision.

   As Chief of Staff for the Duchess of York, I managed the many moving parts of her life, including her day-to-day activities and the many people, organizations and non-profits in which she was involved.

  Q.  How do you feel about the film making commission in Calaveras County and what is the Visitors Bureau doing to promote it?  Who is on that commission, if you know?

  A:  A lot of film work has been done in the county and I would like to bring that back.  It is perfect for filming with a lot of the infrastructure necessary for a film and locations galore.

   Film and television production is great for local economies and really boosts tourism.  I'm working with Murphys Creek Theater to start a small film festival championing our local filmmakers.

   Currently I am the only person running the commission.  We work in connection with the California Film Foundation.

    Q:  For Martin Huberty:  Is it true you are a Hollywood producer and were co-producer of Fried Green Tomatoes?

   A:  Yes, that is true. I was one of the producers.  I worked alongside Jon Avnet, who directed and produced the film.  

   I have worked on over twenty-five films as producer and director.  I'm currently working with Jon on a film that I wrote about Calaveras and that hopefully will be made here in the near future.

  We would like to thank Martin Huberty for his cooperation in answering the voters questions. We will have one more set of questions before the election in June.  

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