Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Editor: Neo-fascist Republican Party?

    Dear Editor:

   We have all watched Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine in horror.  The amount of human

suffering and senseless violence perpetrated by this madman is nearly incomprehensible.

   Now it seems the world is frighteningly locked in a battle to the death between democracy and authoritarianism.  Is it a new Cold War?

   But this time, authoritarian neo-fascism is not just an external threat. A version of it has also taken over one of the major political parties in our country, and just as we defend democracies across the world, we must come together to defend our own here at home.

   We must ensure that the neo-fascist GOP and its controlling wing does not regain control of Congress, and therefore must be defeated in crucial state elections this November, don't you agree?

   Hoping for the future, but fearing the worst,

   Copperopolis resident


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