Monday, March 21, 2022

Where does Martin Huberty stand???

    We have questions for the Calaveras District 3 Supervisor candidates. Where does Martin Huberty stand on....

   Is he

satisfied with SNOW REMOVAL in his district?  And where does he think can we get more money to
pay for better clearance earlier? TOT??

   Was he satisfied with the way the former Supervisor Oliveira and his Planning appointment Lisa Muetterties handled the Moose bridge or would he replace it the way Callaway did?

   Would he encourage some condos to be built for housing the workers who work in the Arnold area?

   Will he try to get CSAC to fight the insurance insanity that is going on in Ebbetts Pass?

    Will Huberty support the legal farmers in the area who grow marijuana and keep regulations tight? And will he encourage eliminating the illegal growers??

   We will let you know how he answers these questions....



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for asking these two candidates these critical questions. I=We'd also like to ask about their stances on any possible controls and limitations on short-term rentals such as vrbos - other than homeowner association controls which are not enough.