Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Supervisor District 3 candidate Martin Huberty

      These are Martin Huberty's response to our questions:

     Q: Is he satisfied with SNOW REMOVAL in his district?  And where does he think we can get

more money to pay for better clearance earlier?  TOT?

   A:  The Road Department is doing an excellent job with the resources they have.  The department has a new snow blower which is used mostly in Dorrington/Camp Connell and new trucks which can be outfitted with snow plows.

     With the recent mega storms, down power lines, fallen trees, and the number of roads in Ebbetts Pass, the Road Department is doing its best.

     They work 24 hour days with road staff from other areas in the County and extra hires.  Taking money from Transit Occupancy Tax is not the answer.  Funding for snow removal and road maintenance  comes from the State, and that is where we must lobby for additional funding.

   Q:  Was he satisfied with the way the former Supervisor Oliveira and his Planning appointment Lisa Muetterties handled the Moose bridge or would he replace it the way Callaway did?

   A:  The Blagen Bridge project is complete, that's what's important.  The County, in cooperation with the Ebbetts Pass Moose Lodge and the White Pine Parks Committee, made it happen.

   Q:  Would he encourage some condos to be built for housing the workers who work in the Arnold area?

   A:  Yes, I support condos, apartments and mixed us (commercial/residential) housing that helps our workforce.  The County has a program which will help developers who choose to build affordable housing.  I understand this issue as I have staff who are having challenges finding affordable places to live. 

    I will consider every opportunity and solution to make this happen.

   Q:   Will he try to get CSAC to fight the insurance insanity that is going on in Ebbetts Pass?

   A:  Like other mountain counties, this is a significant issue.  The California State Association of Counties and Rural Counties of California continue to lobby the State Insurance Commissioner for insurance relief for residential and commercial.

   Insurance Commissioner Lara was in Calaveras and heard about our issues directly from residents and businesses.

   Q:  Will Huberty support the legal farmers in the area who grow marijuana and keep regulations tight?  And will he encourage eliminating the illegal growers?

   A:  I support the legal growers in the County and the rules that regulate them.  The illegal growers are a continual concern that the Sheriff's Marijuana Unit deals with daily. 

    As the Sheriff said at a recent public meeting, "Illegal grows will always be with us."  

   I will support the continued funding for this Unit for the eradiation of illegal grows.

   We want to thank Martin Huberty for his quick response and candid replies.  We will have more before the election, as indicated by our readers and their right to know.

   While we cannot explain Muetterties inability, fear and lack of empathy for residents of District 3, it is regrettable that she is exactly the same as Oliveira.


Anonymous said...

Well, what i learned from this is that no muetterties is good for the district.

Tricia said...

His full statement is now available on his website.

Tricia said...

His full statement is now available on his website.

Anonymous said...

Chris Muetterties is a great carpet cleaner, just sayin’

Anonymous said...

On snow removal, they never get enough people out there. It's a safety issue. They don't get it.

Anonymous said...

why do the muterties keep running for office. no one likes them.

Anonymous said...

I think Martin Huberty was a co-producer of Fried Green Tomatoes. Now that's a great credit!

Anonymous said...

Is that really true. I would vote for that!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope to meet Martin. Where will he be in Arnold?

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Calaverasa politics???? I do

Tricia said...

Yes, Martin produced Fried Green Tomatoes. Along with a lot of others. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0399497/
How does that translate to being a good supervisor? The ability to negotiate, lead large teams and manage multi million dollar budgets.

Martin will be at BIstro Espress 4/1,15, 29 from 9am - 10am
And at two fundraisers at the Black Bear Inn and Hinterhaus.
Here is a complete least of events do far. https://www.huberty4calaveras.com/events