Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CCTA tied to Tea Party Groups?

  Yesterday at the Board of Supervisors meeting a member of the public was talking about the fact that neither CCTA (Calaveras County Taxpayers), Gold Country Patriots nor
Tea Party organizations were able to make comments on the new General Plan.

   That may be true, but the really interesting thing about the statement was that it tied all three together.

   We had e-mailed Al Segalla months ago to ask why so many Tea Party people were also directors of CCTA, and he replied that they work closely together throughout the state.

   Is the speaker a member of all of the groups mentioned?  It does appear to be true! 

   We find it also interesting since the Sierra Sentinel has completely refused to back extremists, that both CCTA and the tea party supporters have stopped sending us their plethora of daily anti-President Obama e-mails.

    They are definitely tied together, as Al Segalla stated.


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