Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gunfire Reported to Sheriff

    There were several instances of firearms being illegally discharged on Saturday, November 24, 2012.

   On Jesus Maria Road and Cedar Road in Mountain Ranch it was reported that two white males were shooting at geese close to a home.

  On Hawver in Mokelumne Hill a high-powered rifle was heard and reported as being shot repeatedly

   On Doe Road in Railroad Flat an owner found a turkey that had been shot on his property.

   On Manzanita in Arnold, shots were heard coming from Murphys Drive.

   On Iroquois Ct and Feather Drive in Copperopolis, and from Morada Drive, several complaints were received of shots and or explosions nearby.

   On Heney Lane in Valley Springs, a complaints of shots heard being fired was received.

   In each case, the comment on the complaint was  NO REPORT TAKEN!

   Is this because Supervisor Callaway insisted on not addressing the gun problem that is occuring in Calaveras County?

   Will they Supervisors ever do anything about it?

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Anonymous said...

That looks like some in every district. what are they going to about it? Nothing?