Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh, to be a Los Angeles County Supervisor!

   We heard that an Obama cabinet  member in California was resigning, and immediately people began to talk about what she would do now.

   "Well, one person told us, she may run for Los Angeles County Supervisor," one person said.

   "But that is a comedown after working in DC." was our response.

   Then we did some research and found that being a Los Angeles County Supervisor pays more that any statewide office ($178,179 in 2011) and includes a pension, unlike state office, for a total average compensation of about $225,000, accordinf to the State Controller database.

     And she won't have to travel back and forth to DC.  What a deal!  Unlike Calaveras County Supervisors, the LA five are referred to as "The Five Kings).

   We won't discuss here what our five Supervisors are often referred to as.

   Moving to LA? NOT!!!

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