Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jewelry Theft in Copperpolis

   Witness information:   At around 2:40 PM this afternoon, according to a witness, all kinds of Sheriff's cars
and CHP flew in to the Copper Square Shopping Center.

   One witness, who was on her way to the ice cream parlor, had a small child and ran back into another building.

   The Firefall Jewelers in the center had been robbed. Thinking the robber was still in the area, they sent in SWAT team members. One person told us there was a woman officer that seemed to be handling an automatic rifle.

    Shoppers were terrified. No one was found  at the center, so officers spread out around the Copperopolis area, near Saddle Creek.  

   There was still heavy police presence at 4:30 PM according to one source.

    It is not known at this time how much was stolen from the jewelry store.

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