Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cross examination of Rachel Jeantel

   This girl put up a fight when the defense accused her of lying, etc. Good for her!

    The defense has begun cross-examination of the 19 year old who spent much of the day on the
phone together. She seems terrified that anyone would find out that she was such good friends with Trayvon.

   He presented her with a list of phone calls in a record he had, which started at 5:09 PM. He started reading off the list. She answered him with loud "yes" on each one.

  The defense attorney is trying to trip her up about where the mail area was, asking her why it took him so long to get somewhere.

   He questioned her that she did not notify authorities about being on the phone and she thought he had been in a fight. When she called back no one answered. She thought it was a fight that broke out.

   The defense kept suggesting things she didn't say to confuse her.  When she realized she was the last person who must have talked to Trayvon before he died.

   She had heard that the person who shot him was arrested and she didn't think about calling anyone, that they would call her.

   Then he took her through the months following until she testified. She had told people, including Trayvon, that she was a minor, but she was actually 18.

  She told the defense that she would cry and become emotional if she told people about it.



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