Sunday, June 30, 2013

OP-ED....Attention Calaveras County with "Neighbors from hell" and an incompetent Sheriff

   As everyone in Calaveras County is aware there are many around the county, many whom we know
included, who suffer with either alcoholics and DUI drivers (who try to kill our children and grandchildren,) mentally unstable or PTSD patients, (who are allowed to run free) as well as  many other types of "neighbors from hell", such as dog poisoners and thieves. (and believe me, they are out there)

   Perhaps we should mention our Sheriff informed us that he was lied to by a PTSD person who has a CCW permit, and then the Sheriff failed to do a follow-up; still allowing them to CARRY A WEAPON. 

   Our Sheriff refuses to protect us by taking CCW permits and  guns away from those with mental problems or those with any history of restraining orders against them. We are in danger!!!

   Our Sheriff also refuses to arrest people if you sign a warrant against them for breaking laws like repeated trespassing, etc., which leads to more and likely violent crimes from that person and his wife.

   George Zimmerman had a CCW permit even though he had a restraining order in his past. Should he have been allowed to carry a weapon. Is he still allowed to carry a weapon?

   We have covered these types of criminal problems ever since the "rooster nuts" caused problems. However, many are even more serious and some residents (with good reason), have a fear of these people with serious problems.

   If you fear that your neighbor may be a "peeping tom", (as many do), an arsonist (at this time of year, you need to notify your local CalFire office, (or notift someone at the state level), even if you just suspect this could happen, or fear for your safety for any reason,  you must step up your security.

   As for many residents who recently have installed motion lights, include one fixed light for nighttime, aimed at your main problem security area, due to signs of even more obvious instability from certain neighbors,  and their filthy no-good racist, drunken BFF's. (perhaps a close friend of the Sheriff?)

   If you add lights, you can get better video surveillance. Even though you may film at night, often they don't pick up the details that you want for prosecution.

   Lights make all the difference. Aim them at your perimeter property line, either motion or fixed and call the Sheriff and in addition write up an online report EVERY TIME your "neighbors from hell" violate your privacy, or break any law.

   DO NOT TRUST THAT THE SHERIFF WILL DO THE RIGHT THING! Document the Sheriff's behavior as many of the county residents have!!

   We have found that the Sheriff will send nearly 100 cops to a home where they believe a person has committed suicide, but will not help neighbors with known crimes committed against them, and not even respond to break-ins, etc.

   Yes, we feel this Sheriff has an inability to make decisions on what is important and who is important to protect. (let;s see: 10,000 man hours and 2 weeks has been one complaint, to catch a 12 year old boy).

   You must create a record of the instances of any criminal behavior. It also goes to prove "intent" when you take them to civil court.

   If you have any written evidence, as some have told us they have, that the entire family of your "neighbors from hell" are also a party to criminal behavior in any way, (even their mother?) it will also cost THEM in a court of law.

   But first, purchase and install more security lights. It's well worth the money, and  could save your life!!! It's perfectly clear that this Sheriff will not protect you!!

   By the way, you do have the right to shoot a dog that is on your property and that you suspect has killed your chickens in the past.


Anonymous said...

Well well well look who's complaining about their neighbors! Funny, y'all had a different tune when we were addressing our transient rental neighbors here at Tulloch! And don't even start with your situation is different! Obnoxious neighbors are obnoxious! Period!

Anonymous said...

Help! I read the posted comment. I fell out of my chair. I can't get up. I can't catch my breath. I'm laughing to hard. That was a spot-on comment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Sheriff doesn't do anything to help us either.