Friday, June 28, 2013

Zimmerman trial-medical person Colgate- called back

   They just brought the medical person who treated Zimmerman at a medical clinic back
into the courtroom.  The jury has been called back into the courtroom.

   Zimmerman was a patient at the clinic.  She read that he was having difficulty with sleep. Started to work with Mixed Martial Arts but this hasn't helped.

   She read that Zimmerman was involved in Mixed Martial Arts three days a week in 2011.

   On Feb. 27, 2012,  he was seen by this clinic. He stated he was here for return note for work after being in fight with a broken nose and lacerations on the back of his head.

   He stated that his work said he needs a release to return to work, that he did not go to the hospital.  No headache, no vision problem, no slurred speech, no diszziness and no problems walking.  Admits to nausea over what happened last night, but it was a psychological  problem.

   No numbness, no tingling, nothing severe. No fever, no chills, some nose pain but no tinitis in his ears and no hearing loss.

   Denies palpitations, or chest pain and pressure. No shortness of breath. Denies any gastrointestinal problems.

   Admitted to head trauma, but denies all of above. He admits to neurological stress, but no headaches or any other symptoms, no weakness.

   Based on what he told her, she saw no problems physically.  He is obese based on his body weight and mass. He's 5'7" and weighed 204 lbs.

   He was alert and oriented. 2 centimeter cuts on the back of the head measured because he requested it be documented. Not deep enough or big enough to require a stitch. Eyes were totally normal.

   No other trauma was observed on the head.  There was swelling on the side of the nose, not crooked if broken.  No x-rays were taken of the nose 

    He complained that he had pain in his sacrailiac (butt).  He had complained about back pain prior to this but it was due to constipation.




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