Thursday, June 20, 2013

Could be a win for the prosecution...Trayvon Martin murder

  The pretrial hearing of whether to allow voice recognition into the courtroom for the jury came to a head today, as the prosecution recalled a witness in voice

   The defense attempted to ask questions that were not part of the recall testimony and the judge disallowed them.

   The defense attorney kept interrupting the witness before he could answer and the judge ruled that the witness should be able to answer the question/

  Then the defense said they didn't have time or money to properly question the expert (but they can afford to have 6 attorneys in the courtroom?)

   The expert made a statement that the screaming stopped as soon as the shot rang out. Interesting. The expert said that it was Trayvon Martin.

     Apparently Mr Zimmerman tried to scream and sound like the tape and failed on several occasions.

   The defense, Mr. West at this hearing,  has tried everything to convince the judge to throw it out so that the jury will not hear the expert testimony.

      The prosecution said that" if the defense did not try to get an expert witness until May when this tape has been available for over a year, that is not the state's fault."

   The State argued that someone put out to the press falsely that the voice was George Zimmerman's on the tape, and they have provided not one expert to testify to that.

   The judge will make a decision on this issue tomorrow.







Anonymous said...

Facsinating! Will you do this every day? I can't watch it but want to know what's happening.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the defense lawyer complaining about not having any money. He was playing to the people watching to send them more money....