Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ever Wanted to write a Book about Calaveras?

    Dear Sentinel Readers:

    Last week the SierraSentinel was asked if we would be interested in assisting with writing a book about experiences with rural county corruption, especially as it applies to Law Enforcement.

   This woman had heard that we  had just about seen everything under the sun that could happen in a rural area, and boy is there corruption!! Also that we keep everything!!

   We are now seriously considering it, especially because of our most recent exposure to unbelievable falsifications, document disappearance and reappearance and of course, less than honorable law enforcement officers, death threats, etc. 

    Well let you know.   Freedom of the Press. The First Amendment and telling the truth!!! The people's right to know!!


Anonymous said...

I bet that will mean more investigations into less than reputable people in the area. Go for it. Exxpose them all. Will you use their real names.

Anonymous said...

Now that's exciting. I bet I know who will be the star low--life!