Friday, April 25, 2014

Three candidates for Saddle Creek Board of Directors--Now Hear This!!

    UPDATE:  We endorse Beth Portfolio for Saddle Creek Homeowners Board of Directors.

   There are three candidates for the Saddle Creek Homeowners Association Board of Directors.

   Two are men who made brief comments about working with Castle and Cooke.

   The third is a woman
with whom we were very impressed with the credentials for this position.

   That person is Beth Portfolio.  Here is her statement:

     I've resided in the Saddle Creek Resort (SCR) for 5 years, attending many HOA and CSD meetings, learned much about our residents, management styles and governing documents.

    Using this knowledge and my previous experience as a highly regarded HOA Director, I'm ready to make a significant contribution to our community if elected to the Board.

   Relevant Experience:

   During our 32 years as Bay Area and Hawaii residents, my husband and I belonged to 5 HOA's.

   At our former golf community, The Ranch  on Silver Creek, I was elected to the Board and served as Vice-President.

    In the first year, the Board stopped a dues increase, rolled back assessments, increased our reserve fund from $275,000 to $300,000 and hosted our first annual BBQ.

   Expertise gained as an HR director in the property management and hospitality industries enables me to interpret complex legal documents and to understand the many aspects of managing upscale residential communities and resorts.

   I graduated from CalState University summa cum laude with a BA in Psychology.

    SCR Contributions:

     Here at SCR my husband and I found a beautiful and peaceful place to call home. Adjacent to the wildlife habitat the setting was ideal for my hobby of nature photography.

   Accustomed to HOA-living and the stability and predictability it offers, I contributed to the community by:

     Suggesting the Board create an HOA website on which to post our CCR's and meeting minutes.
     Enhanced the electability of homeowners by asking the HOA Board to announce that the SCR developers 3-1 voting advantage had expired.

    E-mailed members on items of general concern to property owners.

    Was an informal source of information for Homeowners who had HOA and CSD related questions.

     Goals for the community:

    It's time to improve communication between the Board and the members. The HOA collects $35,000 in dues, so that improvement is easily attainable.

    With your support I would use my energy and enthusiasm to:

     Hold monthly, instead of quarterly HOA meetings to deal quickly with homeowners concerns.

    Start a newsletter with topics of interest to homeowners, including their views, tips and questions.

   Provide welcome packets to new members and introductions via a newsletter.

   Work closely with the Architectural Design Committee to ensure that our CCR standards are met and that committee decisions enhance SCR's upscale image.

   Maintain a premier gold resort appearance to boost SCR property values.

   The other two candidates are Bill Stuntz and Andrew Pereira, who state they are retired.

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