Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor: About Congressional election

   Dear SierraSentinel:

   I know, all your letters are political right now. Please publish this one. I have been following the race between the current Congressman and the veteran Art Moore.

   What really made me switch is that I heard a group of old Republicans make the statement "It's not right to EVER challenge a sitting Republican!"

   Of course, this is this OLD GUARD, now mostly in their 80's saying this. The world has changed and if a person of either party is NOT doing their job, they SHOULD be challenged.

   I finally met Art Moore and I was so impressed. He, unlike our current congressman, lives here and loves it in the area. 

  And finally, as a veteran myself, I vote for veterans. Our current congressman has voted against veterans benefits again and again.  Time for a change in the OLD GUARD of the GOP (not much of a Party anymore).
    J S in Calaveras County

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