Monday, April 28, 2014

Harley crashes chasing "hit and run" vehicle

    Mark Randall Lewis (59) of Angels Camp was traveling on his 2002 Harley Davidson northbound on Hwy 49 north of San Domingo Creek at approximately 72 MPH attempting to catch up to a black sedan that had just collided into him (refer to the two accidents on Hwy 49 article).

   Lewis was riding his Harley at an unsafe speed. Due to his unsafe speed he came around a turn in the roadway and was unable to slow for an emergency vehicle that was entering the northbound lane.

   This emergency vehicle had its emergency lights fully activated. Lewis applied his brakes in an attempt to avoid the emergency vehicle.

  When Lewis applied his brakes it caused his Harley to go sideways and collided with the asphalt pavement.

   Lewis was transported to Mark Twain Hospital for his injuries.  The black sedan that Lewis was chasing was caught and arrested for alleged DUI.

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