Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tea Potty Carpetbagger McClintock will do anything? NPS says NO!

   UPDATE:  Just after Tea Potty Carpetbagger McClintock tried to change the name of part of Yosemite to the wife of a politicians, the National Park Service stated "THEY OBJECT"!
I wonder why? Dirty politics is the middle name of McClintock!
July 15, 2014: Today it became apparent that our Tea Potty Carpetbagger Tommy McClintock will do absolutely anything to try and get re-elected for the umpteenth time.

   He actually praised and asked for forgiveness to a Democrat in speaking about Yosemite. Will Democrats vote for him now?  Are they totally nuts?  Carpetbaggers have no "HONOR"!


Anonymous said...

He always blames everything on his wife, like living in Bera's district. Maybe she told him to suck up to Dem's or she might leave him if Moore wins.

Anonymous said...

Good for the Park Service!