Friday, May 20, 2016

To Elections

   Dear Editor:

    It seems we do live in a county that is less than lax on rules of elections; at least judging by what I read and hear.

   I read what you wrote about the elections people saying it isn't their job. Well, I'd like to know who's job it is, then?

   Now the people who hate pot are out there harassing citizens and no one does anything about that either. In other counties, they fine the group or candidate responsible.

   What is wrong here in Calaveras???

   Feeling Abused by election process in Copperopolis


Anonymous said...

Agree . Who is responsible to police corrupt ballot initiative pushers. People for the ban are just showing their true colors. Cant wait to see the faces after they lose the vote

Anonymous said...

I saw big pot McManus at the local market getting his signatures for the Ban. It was a lonely day for him. Grass roots. Go for it Big Pot McManus. Pathetic