Wednesday, June 22, 2016

John Garamendi part of House sit-in on gun laws!

   UPDATE June 23, 2016 at 5:45 AM:  John Garamendi is still in the House and is now speaking. After Ryan turned off the cameras, Democrats set up their own and CSPAN is showing it from FACEBOOK.

   Calaveras County residents can be proud of the Garamendi family tonight. Although John does not represent this district (sadly), he is part of the Democratic sit-in in the House of Representatives over gun laws.

  Bringing back memories of days gone by,
the large number Congressmen and ladies are sitting-in to protest the Republicans refusal to help make our country safer from guns.

    Toting the NRA line, bought and paid for by the gun manufacturers, our lives and the lives of our children are the last thing they care about.

   The Republican leader Ryan ordered the cameras turned off, but the people became so angry that they are now back on. CSPAN is not partisan, thank goodness.

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Anonymous said...

Calaveras C is getting his son Jack. He'll be an hnorale rep.