Friday, October 21, 2016

Motorcycle collision in Sonora

    Per a CHP report, on October 19, 2016 at approximately 5 PM Dina Jones (58) of Sonora was driving a 1995 Toyota Camry northbound on Hwy 49 and was stopped at the intersection with O'Hara Drive waiting to make a left turn.

   Andre Benzaquin (64) of France was driving a 2015 Harley Davidson motorcycle southbound on Hwy 49 at approximately 40-45 MPH approaching the intersection with O'Hara Drive.

   Kay A. Massey (89) of Paso Robles was driving a 2002 Toyota Camry  northbound on Hwy 49 at approximately 40 MPH approaching the rear of Jones, who was stopped at the intersection.

   Massey failed to observe Massey stopped ahead until the vehicles were very close. Massey applied the brakes, but was unable to stop the Toyota in time to avoid a collision with the rear of Jones.

    The front left bumper of Massey's Toyota collided with the right rear bumper of Jones. As a result Jones vehicle was propelled forward to the left into the southbound lane of Hwy 49 at the intersection of O'Hara Drive.

    Benzaquin, who was driving the motorcycle southbound on Hwy4 9 approaching the intersection with O'Hara Drive, had no time to react to Jones' vehicle being propelled into his lane directly in front of his motorcycle.

   The front tire of the Harley collided with the front left bumper of Jones' Toyota. As a result of this collision, Benzaquin and his passenger were ejected off the Harley and landed in the roadway.

   Due to this collision, Hwy 49 was closed for approximately an hour.

   Jones and Andre Benzaquin were taken to Sonora Regional Medical Center with moderate injuries.

   Nathalie Benzaquin (55) of France, the passenger on the Harley was taken to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto with major injuries.  Massey was not injured.

   Per CHP alcohol and or drug impairment does not appear to be a factor in this collision.

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