Friday, October 21, 2016

Notice to Bidders-Calaveras County Department of Public Works

    Request for Bids:  2016 Seal Coating of County Service Area 8 and County Service Area 12 Roads.

    Notice is hereby given that the Calaveras County Department of Public Works will receive sealed bids for the work shown
and described in the specifications and associated documents for the subject work.

   Work shall include the chip sealing of Spring Hills, County Service Area 8 and Golden Hills, County Service Area 12 Roads. The payment of prevailing wage is a requirement.

   All work specified by this contract shall be done per Caltrans 2010 Standard Plans and Specifications, as modified by this request for bids.  Attention is directed to Section 37-2, "Seal Coats" of the Standard Specifications.

   The Contractor shall possess at a minimum either a Class A General Engineering Contractor, C-12 Earthwork or C-32 Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor license at the time this contract is awarded.

   Failure of the bidder to obtain the required license before award of contract constitutes a failure to execute the contract. The Contractor and Subcontractors shall be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations.  See for more information.


   The County of Calaveras maintains the paving and surfacing of all roads in Spring Hills and Golden Hills County Service Areas.  The County re-surfaces the roads on an as-needed basis.

   No guarantee is made as to the amount of work that will be assigned as a function of this contract.  Note that separate invoicing will be required for surfacing work on Spring Hills (CSA 8) roads and on Golden Hills (CSA 12) roads.


   Contractors interested n providing seal coat services in the fulfillment of this contract can obtain a Bid Boo (Bid Schedule, Special Provisions and Sample Contract) from Calaveras County Department of Public Works, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas for a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE of $25 per set, between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM Monday -Friday, or by calling 209-754-6401.

   The bid packet may also be acquired from the website: http://www.publicpurchase/com/  Instructions for bidding are in the bid packet.  Bids must be submitted by the due date and time below to be considered:

   BIDS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY:  3:00 PM October 31, 2016 to the County Administration Office.

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