Friday, October 7, 2016

Vote YES on Measure D in Calaveras County

  Make our county safe again!!


Anonymous said...

My local neighborhood will all be voting YES on D & C.

Regulate and tax the farmers

Anonymous said...

Well, anonymous, your neighbor has obviously not done their homework.
Measure D provides less regulation and controls than the existing urgency ordinance. It also allows for additional dispensaries (M4 zone added), reduces the registration fees, adds 'commercial' grow sites whereas right now only 'medical' grow sites are allowed. The funding behind Measure D is coming from businesses that want to expand the cannabis industry in Calaveras County.
Note: If Measure D passes, our County government hands are tied related to making any changes or adjustments to better serve County residents. With the Urgency Ordinance, County government can make changes and adjustments quickly to ensure the safety of our county is maintained.
For Measure C - absolutely. Let's tax the heck out of these growers. They're getting a free ride with their 2016 harvest since there is no law allowing the County to tax them yet. To enforce the urgency ordinance, extra $s are definitely needed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the previous commenter is jealous, but I agree that taxing it is the right way to go. yes on C and D. Let's not be ignorant hillbillies forever, huh?